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Having an excess of body fat leads to the condition of obesity, and that can be unhealthy.  The shots show Ronaldo in his tight and white CR7s getting splashed with paint meant to symbolize the colors of the world”, according to Ronaldo. Tatsuki Adaniya has a different idea—teleporting you into the body of a robotic teddy bear. When I pulled on the Rift headset I was transported across the table into the body of the bear. Fluffed-out fur rimmed the edge of my vision as I peeked out at Adaniya and, to his left, my own body. By the end of 2016, Adaniya aims to ship a version of his robot with a plain plastic body priced at $200 or less. Your body is designed to adapt, which includes adapting to resistance training.Cristiano Ronaldo, the soccer star and underwear entrepreneur, is letting his body do the talking in a colorful new ad campaign for his line of skivvies, CR7. Realistically, changing your body long term is really a series of sprints, or periods when it`s your primary focus in life, interspersed with rests, when you don`t push so hard. Set a protein goal (a portion with every meal), a water goal (up to66 ounces x your body weight in pounds a day), and a veggie goal (2-3 servings per meal). As I said earlier, the key to successfully changing your body is consistently doing the little things. Like The New York Times, Sports Illustrated is including Cardboard-compatible headsets with its magazine.Japanese startup Adawarp thinks teleporting inside the body of a robotic stuffed animal could be a good way to keep in touch with loved ones. An unidentified body has been discovered by tourist-hikers at the infamous Dyatlov pass in Sverdlovskaya region, according to local security officials. Following a message from the group via satellite phone officials lost contact with the hikers, reported Due to bad weather conditions emergency groups are unable to reach the barely-accessible site where the body was found. Went to @facebook to checkout their new Sports Stadium feature for #SuperBowl 50....back to Twitter.If you`re planning to change your body and life in the new year, your mind needs to start changing right now.  The site where body was reportedly located is infamous for the tragic and mysterious deaths of nine hikers in 1959. Their plan was to trek 350 kilometers on skis through the forests and Northern Urals to Mount Otorten (which is translated from the local Mansi language as ‘Don`t go There`). When the Swimsuit issue comes out today, it will do so alongside an iOS and Android companion app, featuring news, photography, video, and — more unusually — virtual reality clips.A body has been discovered by tourists at the infamous Dyatlov Pass in Russia`s Ural Mountains where nine hikers mysteriously died in 1959.  That includes about half of the clips in the VR section, which can be unlocked on its own for $1.99. It`s one of the first paywalls I`ve seen for non-pornographic 360-degree video, and it`s something that other VR filmmakers are going to have to start thinking about soon. By contrast, the Swimsuit issue clips pop with color, every square millimeter buffed into a little gem of tropical warmth. Suits is on less solid ground, however, when he argues that all sports are games.
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This is especially visible on the Gear VR, which sadly will only host Sports Illustrated clips during special launch events for the issue — the company wants to keep viewers as close to its Android and iOS apps as possible, something that a Gear VR release would undercut. Fortunately, the virtual reality clips lend themselves to a more fun response: Oh my God, this is just like a `90s sci-fi movie.The main difference is that everyone in Sports Illustrated`s videos has decently tasteful hair, nobody is gyrating to techno music, and the headsets are cardboard boxes that would probably seem too low-budget for all but the cheapest B-movies. The revelations, coupled with a worse-than-expected sales performance over recent months, prompted the worst day`s trading for Sports Direct shares for nearly two years. Simon Walker, director general of the Institute of Directors, said: Unfortunately, the actions of Sports Direct will leave a scar on British business.On Thursday, the Guardian also lay bare some of the pricing policies employed by the retailer and the crisis of corporate governance at the firm, which has been widely criticised for conditions in its warehouse where workers are warned they will be sacked if they receive six black marks - or strikes” - over a six-month period. In most people`s eyes, these are still sports all right, even without any rules to make them games.Forsey said Sports Direct had produced excellent results” in a tough market and denied that publicity around the group`s treatment of staff had affected sales or relationships with suppliers. A number of issues were raised by shareholders at our AGM, which we have addressed, for example the inconvenience experienced by some warehouse workers from the logistics of the security process when exiting the warehouse.The Guardian`s investigation team found that staff at Sports Direct`s warehouse are required to go through searches at the end of each shift, for which their time is unpaid, while they also suffer harsh deductions from their wage packets for clocking in for a shift just one minute late. The rigorous searches of warehouse staff - who are asked to roll up trouser legs and show the top of underwear - illustrate how concerned management is about potential theft. The company said that the waiting time during the searches at its warehouse had been reduced. Today we`re launching the Facebook Sports Stadium, a dedicated place to experience sports in real-time with your friends and the world.
Now we`ve built a place devoted to sports so you can get the feeling you`re watching the game with your friends even when you aren`t together. You can get to Facebook Sports Stadium by searching for the game, and we`ll surface new ways to get there as the product evolves. This product makes connecting over sports more fun and engaging, and we will continue listening to feedback to make it even better. We`re rolling this out today for American football games and will support other sports around the world like basketball, soccer, and more soon.Each day, our team of award-winning sport reporters and respected columnists provide news, analysis and opinion on the big issues on and off the playing fields across Australia and around the world. On our website and tablet app, The Australian`s sportswriters provide regular news updates, match reports and video analysis. The social giant launched Sports Stadium a couple weeks ago in an attempt to grab some of the social conversation that goes on around live sports, which has been mostly dominated by Twitter and its Moments feature. And Facebook`s loss was Twitter`s gain: Many users who sampled Sports Stadium ended up turning to Twitter to air their frustrations.While many activities are both games and sports - tennis and golf, for instance - there are also sports that aren`t games - skiing and surfing, say - and games that aren`t sports - snakes and ladders, or chess and bridge, for that matter. While sports that do have arbitrary rules, such as golf and tennis, fit his definition of a game, Suits has trouble with freeform activities such as skiing or surfing.He tries to crowbar them into his definition by focusing on the rules that structure competitive versions of these sports. I would say that a sport is any activity that facilitates the display of physical skills. Even when a sport is a game, like tennis, the value of the activity lies in the physical expertise, not the structure of the game. In line with this, it is noteworthy how many sports have grown out of everyday physical activities.Adepts start to develop their talents for rowing - or archery, fencing, bronco riding, catfish noodling, sheep-dog directing, trailer-truck reversing - and soon enough these become organised sports. You could argue that physical energy is expended in moving the pieces or playing the cards - perhaps even more energy than in static sports such as target shooting. Of course, this does not mean that games that aren`t sports have no value of their own.