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Last year, The New York Times made virtual reality history by shipping a million Google Cardboard headsets to its print magazine subscribers.  The move will see Sport England`s remit changed from investing in sport for those aged 14 and over to supporting people from five years old right through to pensioners, in a bid to create a more active nation. Sport England will set up a new fund in 2016 to get inactive people physically active and will support and measure participation in sport and wider physical activity going forward. Sport has an incredible power to do social good and that is what our new strategy is all about. We want to give everyone the best possible experience of sport from the earliest age which is why Sport England will now support children from five years old.More than £400m was wiped off the value of Sports Direct as City investors and MPs turned on the company following disappointing financial results and revelations over pay and working conditions unearthed by a Guardian investigation. We also want to maintain Britain`s reputation as one of the leading nations in the world for putting on major sporting events while making sure we are the best in the world on good governance too. On sports governance, UK Sport and Sport England, along with the other Home Nation Sports Councils, will agree a new UK wide sports governance code by September 2016. This will unify the approach by sports governing bodies to governance and look at areas such as board composition, representation and transparency. Sadly, much of this is moot if you`re planning to use the 360 Sport with an iPhone.Ronda Rousey profusely apologized late Thursday night for sending out an image earlier in the day that had been altered to make her body look different. The code will be mandatory for all sports bodies that want to receive public funding from 2017. Upholding the integrity of sport is an important part of the strategy and government will review the effectiveness of its existing legislative structure on dealing with corruption in sport. As well as rooting out corruption, all in the sports sector have a duty of care to those that participate in sport - whether at the grassroots or elite level. This will ensure that no stone is left unturned to help home nation success at future World Cups in the major team sports.Now you can have face-to-face conversations with your friends and the people you care about via Messenger. This will mean elite athletes have plans and opportunities for other careers when their playing days are over, their sporting career is cut short by injury, or if they are released by clubs or governing bodies. Government is also to facilitate discussions between the home nation football, cricket and rugby governing bodies and our successful Olympic and Paralympic sports that have enjoyed phenomenal success in the last two Games.As the Kiwis fought among themselves over juicing up the pitch for the second Test, James Pattinson licked his lips. In the past, the Greeks saw the winners of sporting competitions as selected by the Gods and modern celebrations of gold medallists still echo of that. Sports are also dramas, in which players can be seen as performing semi-scripted roles on a public stage with, not against, their ‘opponents`. Sky Sports Day Pass: Costs £6.99. Your pass lasts for 24 hours after you start watching.
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This is the aspect of sports that a live audience is best placed to appreciate, since they can see more than what the camera - tracking the excitement - or the scoreboard shows. Fans, those who have made a commitment to a particular sports team part of their identity , have the kind of familiarity with the game to talk about it like this, albeit in partisan terms, and as a result are touched by emotional highs and lows that the casual spectator misses - or escapes. The sports are so little present that one might as well be talking about PISA score rankings or rates of GDP growth.Good sports commentators, like good theatre critics, bring their wealth of experience into their analysis of what`s going on, revealing hidden depths of heroism, sacrifice, and tragedy that the scoreboard cannot show. That is a peculiarly non-economic attitude found in few places these days besides sports (it also clings on in some parts of academia, for now). No matter your sporting passions, Sky Sports 4 has a little something for everyone, including the best golf action from around the world.These three sources of pleasure overlap, and in certain sports some are naturally more dominant than others - as craft dominates our appreciation of performance sports such as gymnastics. Most of the media coverage of the Olympics takes the form of endless reporting on the medal league tables as sites of competition between nations with little to no attention to the sports themselves. Governments are called upon to invest in sports, meaning extraordinarily expensive elite training facilities in the sports it is easiest to generate the most medals, not giving more opportunities to more citizens to play. For them it is critical that athletes and sports organizations are doing the right thing”.The dramatic and especially the craftsmanship aspects of sport are harder to find elsewhere in our modern lives and much more important to the enduring appeal of sport. Sports needs a new alliance of actors willing to help find solutions to the challenges it faces - organizations with the legal and technical capabilities in financial regulation, anti-corruption and governance. Working together with the sports industry and key stakeholders, this has the potential to bring transparency and integrity back to sport. Get even more value with the new NOW TV Box and watch exclusive live sports on all 7 Sky Sports channels. The Sky Sports Month Pass automatically renews each month unless it is cancelled.They brought together experts from universities, governments, NGOs and private sector companies to create what they termed a coalition of the willing” to demand and help enact higher standards in sports. International sports has been damaged in recent years, but not irrevocably so. If all sectors work together, it will be possible for sport to fulfil its promise: to unite and inspire people of all nations. From The Ashes to The Lions, from wickets to wingers, Sky Sports 2 is your home of the best live cricket and rugby.